Brainstorming Workshop for CSR Roadmap for IRCTC

IIT Bombay

November 31st - December 1st,  2018  

A Two-day Brainstorming Workshop on “CSR Roadmap for 2024 for IRCTC” was organized on 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2018 at IIT Bombay to understand the scope of existing CSR system at IRCTC, review their policy and past CSR projects and to formulate a systematic process for identifying, implementing and monitoring CSR initiatives in future. After gathering information from the expected participants, their prior exposure to CSR and their current and future involvement in CSR through an online pre-workshop survey, the workshop and activities were designed. The workshop was kept interactive so that different hierarchies from different zones come together and through group activities come up with a roadmap for CSR at IRCTC. The workshop was attended by 11 senior personnel including the Company Secretary and the Group General Managers from some of the zones. The workshop helped in understanding the system for identifying annual key sectors for CSR, identifying and evaluating project proposals, organisational strengthening for facilitating CSR, identifying and evaluating partnering institutions for implementation, allocation and application of CSR funds and also monitoring the ongoing projects and ensuring sustainability of the completed projects. The active participation from the IRCTC team for the workshop activities was fruitful, as based on this brainstorming IIT Bombay, a well-documented and elaborate
system for ensuring efficiency and sustainability of CSR at IRCTC was designed.

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